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FantaWave™ Invisible Waterproof Coating Agent

FantaWave™ Invisible Waterproof Coating Agent

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Kind reminder: Please stir before use. The liquid inside the product is white when opened, and it will only turn transparent after about 7 to 8 hours of solidification.


Material: waterproof glue

Capacity: 30g/100g/300g

Brush size: about 1.5cm*9.8cm

Packing List:Invisible Waterproof Agent x 1;Brush x 1

Storage method: Store in a cool place

Purpose: To repair various water leakage problems


1. Fix various water leakage issues. We adhere to the exclusive production formula based on water and rubber, which can penetrate cracks, seams, and leaks, effectively repairing and sealing any cracked surface. Form a waterproof protective layer in adjacent areas.

2. Made of high-quality ingredients, friendly to the human body and environment, non-toxic. After testing and approval, it has a longer duration. It will not cause damage to the surface of the human body.

3. helps save time, money, and energy, ensuring long-term protection after use. This is the most effective and economical waterproof sealing agent. Can be used to penetrate cracks, window sills, toilets, walls, exterior walls, etc.

4. You just need to "brush" the glue on the desired surface and it's all done! It is an effective sealing repair agent. It can immediately and effectively seal pipeline leaks in walls, ceilings, roofs, window sills, and other areas.

5. Has strong adhesion and sealing effect, immediate effect, lasting for many years.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 396 reviews
Chaz Stoltenberg

I haven't tried it yet, I'm waiting for it to stop raining

Madelynn Kulas


Jalen Konopelski

Took his time to arrive, more than a month. It's a small pot, it's smaller than my cup of tea that I don't think will reach 300ml. I haven't opened it yet to see if it's full. It comes with a tiny little brush that I only see useful for small cracks or joints. The seller did not answer my question about how much a boat is hanging, how much can be covered.

Catalina Kemmer

Very good for me. Thank you!

Ken Stoltenberg

Too expensive, in Amazon you find it much much cheaper and with the same health.