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FantaWave™ Portable Multi-Sex Urinal Chamber Pot With Hose

FantaWave™ Portable Multi-Sex Urinal Chamber Pot With Hose

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1、3 In 1 Benefit Anyone: Spill Proof Urinal is suitable for connection to a woman's urinal and female interface, a portable urinal when the long tube is removed, and a male urinal when the long tube is connected.
2、Anti-Spill Design: Portable Urinal for Men is featuring a 2000ml large capacity with urine volume measurement, adopting a unique spill-proof design, enabling observation at a glance.
3、Simple Operation: Unisex Urinal Bottle is suitable for use directly on the bed or wheelchair, equipped with a 1.3m (51.2")/1.6m (62.9") long tube, not easily deformed when used.
4、Easy to Carry: Urinals for Men are easy to carry when traveling in the car or outdoors, lightweight, sturdy, and durable, and coated with an anti-odor cover to keep out odors.
5、Simple to Clean: Male Urinal Bottles are suitable for camping, boating, road trips, etc, very safe and easy to use, smooth and easy to clean with hot water and detergent.


2000ml large capacity, urine volume measurement with degrees, anti-odor cover, AND anti-spill design.
The long tube allows the urinal can be used directly on the bed or wheelchair.


Capacity: 2000mL
Color: white
Tube length: 1.3m/51.18, 1.6m/62.99in
Weight: 250g/280g
Body material: PE (polyethylene)
Size (Height x Width x Depth): approx. 120X100X200 MM
Suitable for: patient care, incontinence care populations

3 in 1 suitable for use with all:

1. it is a portable urinal when the long tube is removed
2. This is a urinal the men when the long tubular is connected
3. This ist eine Frau For Urinals when the long tube and female interface.

Package List:
1 x Urinal Bottle
1 x Tube

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Anibal Rempel

It has helped Me a lot, especially at night, at the bedside avoid going to the bathroom

Audie Bernier

Meets expectations. Thank you. Thank you.

Arden Kulas

It was very useful to me, since I have A pain in the sciatic nerve and I use it especially at night so as not to get up in the bathroom.

Milford Gutmann

All right, arrived early.

Madelyn Nolan