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FantaWave™ Portable Disposable Paper Soap Container Roll

FantaWave™ Portable Disposable Paper Soap Container Roll

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Applicable skin type: universal

Applicable population: adults

Fragrance Type: Herbborn Fragrance

Shelf life: 3 years

Ingredients: mint

Material: shell ABS plastic core soap paper

Weight: 30g

Color: beige, blue, green, purple, pink


1. is light enough to solve heavy & problems. soap is about 80g ~ 120g, while portable paper and outer box are only about 24g. It is no problem to carry on board!

2. Made by hand soap technology, it is gentle and moisturizes, cleans the skin, is designed for travel, is small and portable, and is easy to deal with troubles such as the inconvenience of soap carrying and having no place to store it after use, healthy and refreshing!

3. foam is delicate, mild, and moist, suitable for all kinds of people, environmentally friendly, and healthy.

4. Easy to use, easy to operate, tear off the soap paper as much as you want to tear, wash your hands suggest a tear width of 1.5~2CM can be used 80 times, about 2 months can be used up can be replaced at any time, easy to operate

5. A small piece at a time, wash your hands frequently when you go out. After rubbing the soap paper with water, it will quickly melt and blisters. There is no need to other treatments or take a long time to wait.

Package Included:

1 Tablet * Clean soap flakes


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Marjorie Wyman

As a description I recommend it

Tyler Swift

As a photo I recommend it

Micheal Walter

Same photo great product

Taylor Mitchell

Soap soaps, but it remains in pieces on the hands, if we consider the use in a campaign, then the water will go several times more than usual. Tear off only with dry hands, that is, the opposite of ordinary soap, you have to think in advance every time, and not think-you can't tear it off... It is also not comfortable to come off, then the pieces under the fingers, sometimes too large, the roll of this soap seems to stick together

Amy Little

The goods arrived, as described. The smell is pleasant, not sharp.