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FantaWave™ Portable Gas Leak Detector With Screen

FantaWave™ Portable Gas Leak Detector With Screen

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This product is a flammable gas leak detector, used for fast and reliable detection of flammable gas leakage on the gas pipeline, at the same time, the use of high-precision temperature sensors, are used to measure the current environment relative temperature instruments; It is widely used and are a indispensable tool for every professional.

Why it's necessary to get a Combustible Gas Leak Detector?

Our life and work (specific) are often accompanied by the presence of combustible gases. It has "flammable properties", "explosive properties", "dangerous properties to the human body" etc

We help you resolve your concerns!

BSIDE G1 3-IN-1 Combustible Gas Leak Detector Tester.

Product Features:
1, HD Red/Green Two-color backlit display
2, Lights, sound, and vibration alarms triple alarms
3, Temperature Units °C/°F
4, Auto power off
5, Low battery indication
Technical Details
Sensor: Gas-sensitive semi-conductor
Range: about 50~9999PPM (Methane)
Sensitivity: > 50 PPM (Methane)
Test Gas (part list): Acetone, Acetylene, alcohol, ammonia, benzene, butane, ethanol, oxirane, gasoline, hexane, hydrogen, methane, naphtha, natural gas, paint thinners, propane, solvents, etc.
Warm-up time: About 30 seconds
Response Time:<=500PPM: Approx.5sec; >500PPM:Approx.2sec
Alarm mode: Buzzer、Indicator light and vibration.
Ambient temperature Range: 0°C ~ 40.0°C(-4.0°F~104.0°F)
Ambient temperature Precision:0.0°C ~ 40.0°C, ±2°C/2.0°F
Auto power off: yes
Product size:17*2.8*2.3cm
Product weight: 120g
Package includes:
1 * BSIDE G1 Combustible Gas Detector
1 * USB charging cable
1 * Warranty Card (12 Months)
1 * User Manual
1 * Color box
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Wilford Grant

I did basic tests and it worked well.
Negative point, the battery icon shows no percentage.
Now it is to test on a daily basis to know the autonomous battery and the real quality.

Ellen Bruen

Good product

Luther Schultz

Product came as described in the advert .... I used it once just for now, it detects leak with ease

Brenna Ward

Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good 9Hello Khuya

Fanny MacGyver